Dragonmarked Ascension War

And then there were 12!

Session 7 Summary

The group recovered in the islands, before deciding to go back to the Mournland for Quirina to heal. They dropped off Crowley’s daughter at Arcanix, shopped some, and then went to Thrane.

In Thrane they met with the Keeper of the Silver Flame and the Guardian Tarethiel. They met with the congress of cardinals for approval for a commissioned high-powered magic item. In exchange, Xiao Leng agreed to a geas of nonaggression against the church or state of Thrane.

At the Mournland to heal Quirina’s arm, they got Riandra to decrypt her database, revealing the top 12 threats to the Daelkyr incursion as perceived by the cults.

Leaving the Mournland, they ventured to Frostfell to meet with Adrian Descartes and Ivar Rocksword, where they had been building a mechanized military force to prepare for coming times, among which being a plan to invade and conquer Aundair in 4 months’ more production time.

Reaching Vodacci’s fleet, they mugged him of his airship, bound him, and dropped him off at Descartes’ factory base.

Now armed with the fastest known ship in Khorvaire crewed by loyal and unthinking, unflinching gear-men and enchanted against scrying and cloaked with invisibility, the Horizon allowed the group to begin collecting the rest of the heirs. Melisai in Talenta, and a brief stop to meet with the united tribal council. Then they found Mithras digging up his stolen gold.

When they went to pick up Prince Brask, he was just recently assassinated and his host monastery wiped out. Thankfully Melisai was able to resuscitate him. Alari was picked up, and Xiao Leng teleported onto the ship bleeding to death from a narrow miss from the same assassin shortly after the assailant took down Brask.

Swinging by Frostfell, they gathered up the remaining Heirs, left Crowley to guard the complex, and then headed to the Palace of Mourning.

The 12 voted, and the vote was to awaken Promethos, though they had not determined when to do so. At the end of the session, Azadaia the dragon had arrived.



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