Dragonmarked Ascension War

King Me...Double Jump

The session starts with the party stopping for a drink after recovering the terrorist attack on the university. They come upon the Jester and Mace, a bounty hunter’s bar with suspicious facilities. There, they meet a troll mercenary named Feundin, who has proven his worth in a fight and his poor ability to negotiate a salary, thus becoming the party’s caravan guard for a pittance.

At the party of Count Wilks, the group first met Hassan the scholar, and learned of the 6 Manuscripts of Muktar, that provide insight for the last time mortals have had to do battle with the Daelkyr Lords, being given the manuscript detailing Orlassk. At this party as well, a plot was revealed as a changeling spy was posing as Jann Thronstahl, the trusted royal spymaster of King Boranel. The changeling was inquiring as to whether or not the party could be counted on in an upcoming Coup D`Etat against King Boranel in support of Prince Bortan. It was Jao Leng who brought down the spy after Samson Bedford discovered the plot.

After a night of partying, the group got back on the Lightning Rail and headed west towards Wroat en route to Sharn, to have an audience with King Boranel to plead their case. Upon arrival, the city of Wroat had turned into an industrial colossus, with an iron-clad castle and extra tower, a swarm of aerial ships and squadrons of ornithopters. Troop movements crawled like ants from a disturbed nest, and cannons bristled the landscape in a fearsome display.

After a lengthy trek through the halls viewing the frightening levels of internal security, they were scanned and disarmed once more before being allowed into the throne hall of the king. Spotting the Riedran Ambassadors from Sarlona, Samson shouted a warning to King Boranel, only to find that it was his own Royal Guard contingent which turned upon Boranel to slay him and his ministers. In the midst of the destruction, the group teleported out, without Jao Leng. Jao Leng was interrogated and gave up the group with the Argonessen Seal, all in the hopes of buying time to pilfer resources and recover the group’s abandoned gear.

Samson beat him to the punch, using dimensional magic to steal the gear, return it Alari and Quirina, and get ready to take on the Prince Bortan who had emerged in time to gloat over his father’s death before the group teleported out of the hall. The group gathered their wits, used their resources, tracked Bortan, the Riedran Ambassadors, and his contingent of Black Citadel Knights, teleported into the hallway to intercept, and slayed the Prince not 10 minutes after he ordered the same done to his father.

In this midst, they were barricaded in the halls by overwhelming forces, finally submitting to a Parliament Trial with evidence provided to High Magister Pearce. With the Group (Alari aside) led to the magically reinforced Parliament Hall, the session ends on a tense note.



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