Dragonmarked Ascension War

Bye bye Droaam

The session picks up after the party. On detailing that their next stop is Droaam, Crowley goes to attend to details at the auction house, while Samson goes to get himself some medical treatment. Quirina spies upon Crowley, learning of his ties to the Fier de Corb, the Aundairi intelligence organization.

En route to Droaam, Crowley is questioned on his involvement and made a counter-offer to retrieve his daughter and nullify the leverage the Aundairi crown holds over him. He agrees that if they can retrieve her safely, his loyalties will shift.

The fight with the daughters of Sora Kell took place in epic fashion. Xiao Leng flew in to help after her stint of murdering off the children of King Boranel to prevent a monarchist threat to republic rule. After wading through the unnatural storms, dealing with a corps of elite berserker trolls, and dealing with a twisted riddle to get to the audience hall of the hag sisters, the party had to ask a group of child prisoners to sacrifice their soul essences to open the way to take on the sisters, lest they stay free to cause even more atrocity.

The fight took place on a realm of nightmares, leaving everyone pretty beat up, with Xiao Leng short a pair of legs incinerated from Witchfire, and Samson barely having escaped a lobotomy. Upon their departure from the nightmare realm, the group was able to see how Brelish forces exploited their revenge motives to carpet bomb Droaam in a large reclamation effort to show solidarity and force in the face of doubts about their new regime.

With 2 weeks reconvening and healing, Xiao Leng got a new pair of legs and minimal physical therapy, and the group managed to undo the cursed trauma to their bodies. The next stop was the Bloodfang coliseum in Marut, where they fought for the championship of the kujata games, with the second manuscript as the prize.

By the end of the session, thr group was headed towards the towers of Arcanix to hunt down the third manuscript of Muktar.



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