Dragonmarked Ascension War

The Big Debut

Out of the Mists

The group gathered all that they cared to, and decided to emerge into Breland from Vathirond. They had 600 miles of the blasted Mournland to cross. From the deck of a conjured aerial vessel, they dealt with the menace of living spells, a living spell-storm ritual, and the forces of the Lord of Blades setting border defenses against future incursions from the neighboring lands. They also briefly happened upon what was discovered to be Xendrik drow riding sandworms to do battle against the forces of the Lord of Blades, and a black glass tower shaped into a lotus blossom.

Upon emerging from the Mists, they found the Fortress of Argonth mobilized at the border of the mists and the town of Vathirond. Ornithopters closed in for inspection, just as a wandering vagabond was investigating the ship, and a rival pair of news crews were arguing over who had rights to the footage. Former Colonel Samson pulled rank and got the group an escort(vagabond included) to the mobile fortress. There, they were approached by a Sphinx journalist known as Bast for an exclusive (by that she means talk to anyone except Sharn News Network and Prescott) interview about their ascendant natures in exchange for the location of the next Siberys heir and for help with Quirina’s curse. After meeting with and agreeing to interview with Bast, she promised to give them royalties and the removal of the curse as soon as the story was safely released. Bast is to deliver ongoing accounts of the team’s progress via updates from Quirina. When finally meeting with the Baron, Samson decided to trust him with their dragonmark awakening(despite party displeasure), only to then be told that King Boranel is seeking to bring down the 12. After some negotiation with his old friend, the Baron decided to plead for an audience and hearing on their behalf, which should commence in a couple weeks’ time in Wroat.

It was about this time that the group decided it best to get out of town, and the Lightning Rail proved to be an opportune way to cross vast distances. Along the way, Alari met a talented shipwright known as Fedor down on his luck, and promised to return for him when there was work to be done. Quirina and Samson blindsided a snotty attendant to get everyone first-class accommodations. A week of travel would bring them to Sharn. Only a day’s travel in, they stopped in the city of Starilaskur, to find that the Morgrave University branch had been targeted in a terrorist attack. Seeing the thousands of injured and hundreds dead, at the pleading of Andra, a beautiful House Jorasco Physician, the group decided to put anonymity to the wayside and do their best to help. And by best, they dragged the wounded into Lugo’s personal planar realm for swift recovery, while Samson figured that he’d warp physics to his liking for building reconstruction efforts. The Count Wilks of Starilaskur was so impressed and grateful, that he invited the group to dine with him that night at the castle. He promised considerable financial and political support for them without further strings attached, just as a matter of principle. Around the city of Starilaskur, the word of the Siberys 12 and their miracles are spreading.

All in all, about a week has gone by since the party awakened.

They have discovered the mysteries of their palace, bested the Lord of Blades, mastered the Mournland, set an appointment with the King of Breland, and restored Starilaskur from a brutal terrorist attack.

There are roughly 360 days left until the Plane of Xoriat becomes fully coterminous. 5 of the 12 Siberys Heirs have been found. A 6th’s location is near to known.



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