Dragonmarked Ascension War

Housewarming Party

There goes the neighborhood

The player characters each awakened in their own way within a crystal, to discover that this divine palace is carved into 12 mountains, each belonging to one of them, with a central tower that connects them together.

The characters met, and explained a little of their background. Upon meeting the sentient statues which serve the palace, they were informed that an army of warforged golem-men were waiting at the gates. They went out to meet this new force, discovering a wasteland beyond the wildest imaginations as they began to realize what became of the kingdom of Cyre.

They met a figure known as the Lord of Blades, a powerful warforged artificer who gathered armies of surviving warforged as well as churned out considerably more from a creation forge. Upon being delivered an ultimatum to abandon the palace from which they woke in exchange for their lives and safe passage out of the Mournland, the group decided that those terms were…Unfavorable. And thus began the first fight of the game: A battle with the God of Warforged.

It was just then that the true awakening power of their Siberys dragonmarks became known, and powers beyond their wildest comprehension came into play (in addition to each of these heroes being among the greatest of their time before this point). In a terrifying battle which involved a massive tornado wall of lava, explosive spheres, beams of thermal energy, telekinetic force, a blur of clashing, sparking attacks, and mystical martial arts which cracked into the metal of the iron golem which housed the Lord of Blades, after a bloody and furious battle, 2 of the 3 heroes were dying before the Archmage was able to turn his golem mecha into slag.

Over a battlefield of heat-seared glass and devastation with a 1000 warforged held back from the battle by flames, the two survivors gripped their powers, and decided as they flew across from one another, that they would call the day before death was decided for either of them. The army marched away, and the party crawled back to the Palace of Mourning to lick their wounds.

While the others regenerated their flayed and burned bodies in the crystal chambers, the Archmage explored and unraveled the means to controlling the functions of this powerfully enchanted castle complex. Various powerful magitech enhancements perform a number of deeds, including but not limited to:

-Crystal chambers which heal, regenerate, restore the recently dead, and cleanse of negative status effects.

-Shelves which repair effects and furnishings.

-Magically infused building materials of regenerating stone that prevent the flow of magic from passing between them.

-Short-range teleportation platforms.

-Force fields which protect the perimeter from assault.

-Enchanted food stores which create feasts from arcane residuum.

-Climate control and animated pieces of art.

-Short-range clairvoyance scopes.

-144 marble angel statues(re-flavored gargoyles) which double as servants and guardians for the palace.

-Illusory Projections throughout (display maps, observatories, light and sound theatrical effects)

-Fabrication Factories

-Aqueducts and control water effects which provide plumbing and sanitation

-Create Demiplane Effect, Imprisonment Effect within central crystal to power palace, trap 13th Dragonmark Heir, and to provide terraforming of terrain.

Upon reawakening, and reconvening, the group got acquainted, shared secrets about the palace and got their backgrounds compared to find answers. The year is 1002 YK, 8 years after the flash of light which through speaking with the Lord of Blades is apparently dubbed the Day of Mourning.

An additional character, a summoner, missed the battle and recently acquainted with the other 3 characters, with the secrets of the observatory where she discovered that many dangerous Outer Planes are becoming coterminous with Eberron, and that in 1 year, Xoriat, the plane of Madness, will be in full alignment for a period of 20 years.

The group decided that after recuperating, they will leave the Mournland to gather the other 8 Heirs, and to try and build their resources and figure out a way to stop or brace for the impact the Daelkyrs’ return would have.



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