Dragonmarked Ascension War

Rude Awakening


There are crystal chambers which held each character in a wing of this massive palace with colored force screen windows, unique metals and stones, strangely concentric-ring based mobile architecture, and the radiant presence of magic infusing the structure down to art displays that move and whisper in tapestries and frieze columns. When the crystals that are the size of columns liquify enough to release your characters, they close back in upon themselves, and cease glowing when the characters step away from it. Each character is clad in the gear they had on the Day of Mourning, and find themselves unchanged, except for large, glowing tattoos etched upon their frames that allows interaction with the facilities of this strange palace.

Illusory holographs give data on the location of inhabitants and the detection of the terrain outside, but the language is strange and the script even more alien. Comforts and supplies can be found readily, and the halls of this palace are exquisitely beautiful and advanced. Such comforts end soon, however, upon stepping outside of the front doors. Large crystal spires glow as screens of force protect barrages from lightning storms, turbulent elementals, and the ravages of living spells or sieges from the Lord of Blades’ retinue.



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