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The concept of this game is that a chosen few possess star-blessed bloodlines with immense potential for power. These 12 bloodlines have shaped the destiny of this world since civilization began, but they have always taken a backseat to the rise and fall of kingdoms, often caught up with personal in-fighting and a preoccupation for their own influence, wealth, and power.


That changes when the astronomers find that the constellations of destiny have lit up, and the chosen ones have awakened in the world. Prophecy states that this signals a time of great suffering, but great possibility.

In a year from awakening, an apocalyptic horror will return to Eberron that could spell its extinction. Will the Heirs rise to the challenge and prove worthy of the sacrifice which bore them?


What happened? How did you survive? What is the world like now? How much time has passed? What mark will you make on the remnants of this world?

Dragonmarked Ascension War